Written from scratch in PHP, Python and MySQL

Balloonum is my personal project to create a cryptocurrency for the web, using modern and consolidated languages such as Python and PHP, and database managers such as MySQL or MongoDB.

The security of the blockchain is in charge of the Balloon algorithm, and the difficulty is recalculated after each new block.

At the moment, the project is in its alpha phase, mounted over a centralized network structure and being possible to mine (only with CPU) through the official wallet. This will change in the future, when we reach version 1.0 of the software, when all the code will be released under the GPL license, giving way to decentralization.

Version 1.0 will also include features such as PoS rewards, MasterNodes, Wallet Aliases, Smart Contracts written in PHP (and/or Python), Integrated Mining Pool, Voting system based on wallet balances, the Payment Gateway to include on your website and more features.